Day 11: Proud pup

The skin track is getting a little thin in places (like here), but Stella doesn't seem to mind. Her days start off well…a morning ski and then a nice bowl of Pheasant Taste of the Wild dog food. She eats pheasant, we eat pasta! The weather called for 80 mph winds this morning, but it was actually the calmest morning we've had in a week.


Day 10: One for the birds

Haven't gotten snow in a bit, the wind has picked up, and my skiing right now is relegated to a few skin tracks up and down. So be it. Decided to do something I've thought about for awhile…take a bird feeder up the mountain and leave it a special place. It's good motivation to get up there on a regular basis and gives back to the animals that let me pass into their home on a regular basis. Let's see if it's full on Saturday!

Also, there is a cool article about Icelantic skis in the local Mountain Ear, written by your's truly. Check it out!



Day 9: The searcher

Sometimes on a long uphill I'll look at this graphic on my ski and find inspiration. Emerging from the underground, searching for something. The owl is a symbol of wisdom. I'm not sure there is much wisdom in going out on a minus-20° day with a 30 mile per hour wind, but make no mistake about it, every ski is a search.