Alta Backcountry is a story of mountain living. No, we don’t live in Alta, although the town we do live in, Eldora, Colorado, is actually 300 feet higher in elevation than that wonderful ski town in Utah. We chose the word Alta Backcountry because my wife’s middle name is “Alta” and because it means “higher.” We love mountains and the backcountry, so this seemed like an appropriate name for the blog.

My wife and I live in a cabin in a small town (population 50 in the winter!) in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at 8,800 feet above sea level with our Alaskan Husky. Our passions include backcountry skiing, nordic skiing (really anything involving sliding on snow), long distance backpacking, mountain biking, trail running and being in beautiful spots in the mountains. She’s more of a fiction writer and an artist, I’m more of a journalistic writer and a photographer. My favorite seasons in order of preference are winter, autumn, spring, summer. We go on big adventures at least once a year and have plans to hike the Continental Divide Trail and ski across Greenland in the near future. We work in a small outdoor gear shop in Boulder and have a blast getting people set up for great adventures in the mountains.

Thanks for stopping in and happy reading!


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