Our next long adventure coming up is a ski traverse of Greenland. This is typically about a month long, around 575 km, and requires a lot of planning and preparation, as there are no opportunities for resupply or really any human contact while out there. Greenland has historically been at the heart of polar exploration, where would be polar explorers cut their teeth, and is a fascinating area in the modern times with the ice cap rapidly melting. The wide vastness, the incredible landscape, the simple act of skiing across it all – these are things that tug at those whose hearts beat adventure. It is not just a ski trip; it is a full emersion into the wilderness.

We have always funded our trips by ourselves, but Greenland is a bit of a different beast than what we have done before. The permitting process is rather expensive and of course there is also the expense of purely getting ourselves over there.

We also are looking to invest in filming equiment, as we would like to document exactly what it takes to be out there endlessly, with no respite for the duration. With this, we would love to inspire others who love this planet just as we do, to share this experience not just with words and photos, but with video footage as well. We hope to tug at those adventurous heartstrings.

If you enjoy reading the drivel we put up, checking out the photos, and would like to help support (and maybe want to see what it’s really like to be on the Greenland icecap), feel free to hit the button below. Thank you to all of you – friends, family, and others – who have already supported and shown us so much loving care. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far! 
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We also have started a GoFundMe!

Expedition Greenland: Team Vardamis

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