Techno Dawn

Rise. The day begins. The sun burns. Behind the cast of grey. Today we flame. Today we smile. The beat, the pulse. It tremors, it quivers. Do you feel the thrill? I do, I do. The lungs filled as we climb. The soul exploded as we descend through the silky cast of white. It's a new day, It's a new dawn (to borrow from Miss Nina Simone). It's time to rage. It's time. To dance. In the mountains and cliffs and peaks that are ours. Relentless optimism. Relentless wave of good. I believe in a future. Of beauty. I believe that dreams – all dreams – can and will come true. The race, it begins anew today. Nothing. Else. Will. Suffice. Rage young warrior. Go to the mountain. Fly. This is what we do. Now. Do it well. Smile. Dance. Move. Flow.

I have the ability to change – and make better – the world through…passion. So I will.

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