8 am patrol?

I don't have a whole lot to say tonight but I want to get into a pattern. So there is place a few miles up the road from where I live where I ski on a regular basis. It's good. In under one hour, you can skin right up to timberline, and beyond if you so desire. Right after a storm this place rocks, but right now, in the midst of this heat wave, it will be crusty and firm. But great touring weather for sure. Maybe top out on Bald Mountain, snap some photos, catch some sun. Dawn patrol for Stella and I tomorrow. Well, not really dawn…more like 8 am patrol. A good way to start a Wednesday for sure.

Oh, by the way, Stella is a dog. She is totally rad ski dog. I'm fostering her. She was one of those 115 sled dogs that were starving outside Hartsel when some dip shit didn't feed them for a month. 13 died, so it's pretty remarkable Stella is doing as well as she is. It's kind of amazing…for a dog who has live outdoors all her life, she is super well trained. And the coolest thing – I can skin up and she literally walks right behind me, stepping on my tails occasionally – but not getting distracted and running off. It's rad. As for coming down, she kills it. Here is a photo of her on a recent powder day. Two years old, Alaskan Husky, been through hell and loving life. Now that's a good dog for sure.


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