Pretty amazing dog

Explain this. How is it, that a dog – an Alaskan Husky at that – who has lived her entire life tethered to a rope, has never been inside and was basically starved to death is pretty much the best behaved dog ever. When I go skiing, she follows right on my heals. She won't let me out of her sight. While not quite voice trained, she's pretty damned good. And when we come back from skis, she just curls up and sleeps and is super chill. And while she had a few accidents at first, she basically learned potty training in like two days. She gets along with other dogs and humans, but is not overly excited by either. And she has a sweet disposition. It blows my mind, but I'm not complaining.

OK, time to prep the ingredients for some Cowboy Stew. Put it in the crock pot at 7:30 am, go ski all day, and come home to a yummy, stick-to-yer ribs dinner! Love crock pots.



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