Stella’s First Day Above Timberline

Stats: 1,523 feet vertical climbed, max elevation 11,340 feet. (new goal – average 1,500 vertical climbed per day. Some days will be more, some days might be none, but that's a general average. Seems doable.)

It's good to get up early and wander the hills. Even though the snow is marginal right now, there are still things to do. Like basically, get in shape for May and June, which in my book is the real ski season anyhow. Here in Colorado, January is more of a dip and dab month, poking in trees and maybe doing a tour. I think I might do a winter ascent up South Arapaho on this route next week if the weather holds. Toss in some running shoes and blaze up the long stretches of tundra. Anyway, here are a few images – it was Stella's first day above timberline!

P1014686 Storm clouds loom to the south.

Eldora Mountain…ahem…Resort.

P1014692 Dog follows man across tundra.

P1014693 Dog continues to follow man…for better or for worse.

P1014698 Stella looking very husky-like.

P1014703 Tromping around above timberline, skis, a cool dog and an iPod. Good reason to smile.

P1014705 Stella trying to contain her excitement about being above timberline.

P1014706 Mountain dog!

P1014709 Jasper (left) and Neva (right) beckon for May.


After we climbed the pass with the Sherpas, we dropped our packs and
scrambled to an outcropping where we gained our first look at
Chomolunga (Mother Earth Goddess of the World). Some also call that South Arapaho Peak. Might make an attempt on that next week.

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