Into zee krummholz!

Vertical skinned today: 1,145

Max altitude: 11,020 feet

It's quite interesting the people you see sitting across from you in coffee shops in Boulder. Tyler Hamilton, for example. After having gone through my fair share of shit in the past two years, I have a hell of a lot more sympathy for the guy.

I feel like a bit of a vagabond this year out there on my skis. I notice people in the parking lots decked out in their Moonstone pants, brand new coats, avy lungs, new packs etc., and I feel a little undergunned. Meanwhile I'm usually sporting it solo on a three year old pair of Icelantic rock skis, some snow pants that double as my ranch work pants (nice odor), a ten year old Patagonia long underware top, a flannel shirt and one of my hand knit hats. My pack is a worked-to-hell three year old BCA with a couple prayer flags tied on to keep me safe. Then again, my system works, and it seems while others are fiddling with gear, I'm able to keep moving. I'll take it.

A nice morning. Well, sort of. I inadvertantly changed Stella's dog food last night, and as a result was woken at 2 am, 4 am and 6 am by a dog with a pretty good case of the runs. Poor girl – I should know better. However, by the time 9 am rolled around we were good to go for a little ski up the anchor (too tired for a big peak ascent). A fast skin – one and done – up to the krummholz – and then back down. Kind of cool conditions today. Certain areas up here get so darned windblown, that they eventually set up like a packed ski run at the resort (minus the ball bearing underneath). Anyhow, we got a warm inch of snow, so it was quite fun making arcing GS turns over the crust with the nice layer of new snow to turn on. A rare backcountry treat. Stella was in full force. The girl is a serious athlete, and seeing her run at a full tilt while I'm skiing downhill is indeed treat. Strange husky – she does not pull at all – only follows. But for backcountry skiing, it's perfect.

A good morning followed by a swinging good afternoon in Boulder with a great friend – blackberries (the kind you eat), Poseidon and Buddist temples. And then, fresh spicy Cowboy Stew on the crockpot!

OK, Time to lock on the headphones, drain out the NOIZE and dive into Eragon.


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