Denver, Young Guns

It's a Sunday morning in this funky little mountain town. I'm sitting in Whistler's Cafe, downing a glass of orange juice, waiting for my favorite, the W.C. Burger – a hunk of goodness – ground beef, bacon, jalapenos, cream cheese all on a bagel. It's a late morning, but Stella is loaded up into the car and were going to poke around for some afternoon turns.

It's nice to be happy again. It's been awhile, that's for sure.

Got a new blog for folks to check out. A girl I used to coach on my ski team, Mariah, forwent a college career at RPI in Troy, New York to join the ski team up at Montana State University. Can't say I don't take a little pride in influencing that decision. Anyway, she's racing for the team, and it's tough, cause MSU is a big school who recruits and she has less experience. So she's getting a good little life lesson in perseverance and having to work hard to earn what you want. Anyway, give it a gander. Personally, I find the perspectives of people who are still figuring it all out much more interesting anyhow. Makes you realize that while we pretend, with experience, to know what the hell it is we're doing, we really don't. 

A gentleman just walked up to me here in the cafe. He told me I was his daughters favorite teacher at Nederland High, and how it means a lot to a parent when a teacher draws in the attention of a student and makes them care. That's another world for me now, and I leave it behind with no regrets, but I won't lie, him saying that heals a lot of wounds.

To all – have a wonderful day wherever you are.

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