Checking In

Sitting in the cafe, just watched team USA defeat Canada. I don't have TV at home, so to catch any of these Olympics, I have to go someplace. Although a good friend is TiVo'ing the whole thing, and we'll watch it when it's done.

One of the better ski days…well, ever. We're finally getting snow. Last night it was puking snow in Boulder, and going at it even harder in Nederland. The road up to prayer flag mountain was sketch as hell today, but once there, the laps were delectable. Deep, soft, the stuff we live for. The skin track is ridiculous – it's a vertical wall – but it does make for a hella good, quick workout.

Trying to get into a pattern. Just getting up early every day and skinning and skiing. Been a little lazy in February. It's all good, as priorities have been different, but I have good motivation to be focused in March and April. I figure March is a good ski month, and April – shocker oh shocker – I'm thinking the Moots will be busted out and we'll do some long climbs uphill. Sometime in there a backpacking trip to the canyon country. All of which will of course set up May well, which is one of my favorite ski months of the entire year.

I want to work a bunch in March and April and earn and save some money. Oh, and build a tree house. And then, in May, hardly work at all so I can ski and enjoy other good things that this month will bring.

Not much else to say, and nothing profound. Hope the world is good wherever you may be.

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