Funk over

It's strange, but that cross country ski had a weird affect on me. Or maybe it's cause it's warm and it's spring and it's time. But for the first time since…well…I left the Wind Rivers on September 19th…doing something. Let basically getting on with life again. I think I'm going to walk Stella early this morning. And then I'm going to pump up those tires and bike to Boulder. And then take care of shit that I've been putting off cause I've been in a funk for the past seven months. And applying for or creating a job at a place I want to be, doing things I am naturally very good at. And finish it off with a run up Green Mountain, cause I can. OK. I've been waiting for this to happen. Many of the vials of life have refilled for me, fuller than ever. And, now – it's the taking care of the self part that I need to focus on for a bit here.

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