Trail running

A good day. Used my REI divident check to pick up a sweet pair of La Sportiva Crosslite Mountain Running shoes, and then went for a run/hike up the Saddle Rock trail to the top of Green Mountain, down the back canyon way, up over Flagstaff Mountain via the Ute Trail and then down the Flagstaff Trail and finally the Scenic Overlook Trail which pops out at Eben G Fine Park. Getting back into a car free lifestyle, only this time instead of wheels I'm using my feet – walking up 9th street from Canyon and then looping it back to Canyon to catch the bus home. All the while crossing a pretty cool mountain range and getting fit. Tomorrow I hope to figure out the bus that takes you closest to Eldorado Springs and do the trifecta – South Boulder Peak, Bear Peak and Green Mountain.

I've decided I need something to train for. And that something will be the Imogene Pass Trail Run on September 11th. Since Montezuma's is officially dead, it looks like the most mountainous summer endurance event I can find (I can't do 100 milers yet – I'm just getting into running and would hurt myself. But 17 miles is doable). It's fun to pick up a new sport and I'm looking forward to some big runs in the Indian Peaks when the snow melts out, traversing the divide. Come to think of it, moving quickly in the mountains is kind of what I'm best at, and I have been since my parents let me loose on a heather covered hill outside Edinburgh, Scotland when I was five years old. I still remember it – the thing kept going up and I would not stop until I reached the top. Some things never change. Took me long enough to figure that out.


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