Breakfast loop with Stella

Coolness. It turns out my dog Stella is a mountain biking fiend. Took her on her first ever ride today – nothing huge…up to five points, down 12-valve, around the ML loops…and she did phenomenally. Falls in line behind me well, keeps her distance from the tires and runs like a demon. My favorite is ripping down twisty singletrack and watching her follow with grace, lining the turns up perfectly. Truth of the matter is she does not get enough exercise on a simple walk…the girl is a runner and a worker…she was raised to be a sled dog. So mountain biking works perfectly. Nice – a new riding companion. She's even got the muddy face to boot.

Cool walk last night, and a full on howl to serenade wildness and new, exciting beginnings, overlooking the Continental Divide.

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