Slop Melt

60°, sunny, calm

are slop outside so I'm waiting for things to dry out a bit before a little dirt road mountain bike ride. I'm not a huge fan of skiing when it's like this…snow sticks to skins and it's sort of this steam room, hot effect. I'll wait 3-4 days for things to settle in and the spring skiing season to start in earnest. It's also been a good day to switch equipment for the season:

– fat
skis for lighter skis that are better for long skins in and strapped to the pack.

– avalanche gear in exchange for crampons and ice axes

– switch out roller ski
pole ferules for asphalt skiing

– tune up the mountain bike.

– break out the crust skiing
skate ski set-up. Old poles and old skis for the most fun you can have on a pair of skis.

We're entering the best time of the year.

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