Summer hike on Caribou

P1014832Serious blast from the past. Remnants of the old Caribou Mine Mountain Bike Race Series – the starting poles to hold the start banner. Brought back a lot of fun memories…setting up courses in thunderstorms, grassroots racing, the evening light just before it turned black. I'll have to come up here and remove these, as they don't belong.

P1014836 The Indian Paintbrush vary from deep red to a more fire orange like this one. 

P1014837 Wildflower season in Colorado. Can't beat it.

P1014839 Elaine enjoying the meadow. 

P1014840 My two girls.

P1014846 We spent some time watching this butterfly on the top of Caribou Hill. A creature that is the epitome of summer.


There is a tiny grave site up here from the old Caribou town. It's hard to find, and all the tombstones have been vandalized, but it still has a good feel…ancient gravestones nestled in aspens, under the hulking Bald Mountain.

P1014847 Evenings, wildflowers, hiking and great company = guaranteed smiles.

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