Another day


Got the chores done early. 6 am ride up to Caribou to get the blood flowing and the lungs working. And, simply because going up high is a fun way to start the day. Checked out the local plant life and found the hail storm has done massive damage to our wildflower season. Wilted and pounded, like London in 1942. Up the old mining road for a last little bit of suffering. Dog fed, walk the elves loop, solar shower on the porch. Chocolate Matte tea to start the morning with a little sweetness. Time for breakfast with Elaine, some hours dedicated to earning money and then an evening of writing and relaxing with my wife. When the typical days are good – life is good.

To top it all off – some really GREAT news on the wolf front…thanks mom.

2 Replies to “Another day”

  1. Hey love,
    You’re amazing, you know that? I’m glad you got outside, and I can’t wait till I’m feeling better and we can go there together. Soon, baby, soon. Right now you’re getting off work in ten minutes… can’t wait to see you and do some writing with you while we sit in a coffee shop, tapping away rhythmically on the laptops. I love it. And I love you.


  2. Hey girl – yeah that was awesome last night. Thursday should be epic – here’s hoping it does not rain. Have an awesome day. Love ya!


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