Start the day right

Back up to the ghost town this morning, but brought the camera along to show what it's like here in the Rockies in mid-September. A camera can do a lot, but it can't do some things. It can't describe the feeling of the cold air on the lungs on the first few pedal strokes up the hill. It can't describe the rustling of elk and the smell they leave behind, unseen but present in the woods below. And it can't describe the trickle of a steam that you swoop besides as your bicycle crunches over freshly fallen aspen leaves.

To experience that, you either have to have a vivid imagination, or simply do it yourself.






One Reply to “Start the day right”

  1. more, more, more pictures like these … please 😉
    while i have my own morning and evening rides and pix… it helps, a little, to escape the office for a few brief moments through someone elses visions…


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