Perfect snafu

Had a meeting at 9 am today, so got up a half-hour earlier than normal for my ride, which left me smack dab on the top of Caribou just as the sun was rising. A giant orb of burning orange 3/4s up on the horizon, cutting through the 34 degree morning like a hot knife slicing through a giant roast. My breath steamed as I reached into the pack to pull out my camera, cold fingers in contrast to my hard breathing core, warmed by the 1,400 foot thirty minute climb. Hit the switch to the camera to turn it on, to shoot the photo of the month, the amazing, perfectly timed sunrise from 10,000 feet above sea level…when…nothing. Dead battery. Poor preparation grasshopper.

Sulked for a second, and then decided it didn't matter, that the image was ingrained in my brain forever, photographic proof or not. Called to Stella, dived onto a nearby jeep road and headed home, winding through glowing aspen groves and blood orange folliage. A perfect start to another day autumn paradise.

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