_A105233 Elaine and I did our first event "together" this afternoon, an orienteering race at Kelly Dahl Campground outside Nederland. Good fun. We didn't exactly tear up the course with speed – we made conscious decision to walk, not run, from checkpoint to checkpoint, but we sure had fun. Elaine took the lead on the compass and directions, while I enjoyed clicking the electronic beepers at each checkpoint and making a loud whistling noise. I dare say we were efficient – Elaine has some good compass skills and of the eight checkpoints, took us straight there three times dead on. Four times we were 30 feet or so off, each time to the left (the girl is consistent). One time, on the first checkpoint, I interjected and annouced we should follow the land, not the compass, and we ended up off course. Lesson learned, quickly. After that a bite to eat at the Sundance Cafe, watching the storms move in and sock winter to the divide, and then down to the Neptune Gear Swap where I made $100 selling basically old junk. Nice day off indeed, spent with an absolutely amazing woman.

UPDATE: Hey, ended up 5th of 24 teams. Not bad!

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