Ski tech day one

Today was my first day of training for a new position at Neptune: shop technician. I'm quite excited for this, as my end all goal is to start making skis myself. What better way to do it then to be around skis all day long, learn the ins-and-outs of them and gain the technical know-how to make this dream come true. Today was simple but informative. I learned how to mount Fritschi bindings and NNN backcountry bindings on nordic skis. I also got to work the edge grinder and learned how to replace belts and sand. For my own sake, I'm going to rehash the binding mounting process so I can refer to it later. The following is mounting Fritschis right:

  1. Match skis
  2. Check serial numbers
  3. Mark boot center
  4. Measure boot center from tail for consistency.
  5. Get boot, check shell length. Make sure bindings will work for boot
  6. Get proper jig.
  7. Match boot length to boot center on ski
  8. Check bit to make sure it is right length. 3.5 x 9 default for wood core, 4.1 for metal layer.
  9. Drill appropriate holes.
  10. Measure tail to jig dot
  11. Move jig to next ski.
  12. Make sure tail to jig dot are within 1 mm of each other between skis
  13. Drill second ski
  14. Empty shavings
  15. Measure to make sure holes are in same place on each ski (error +/- 1 mm)
  16. Clean ski of grease pencil
  17. Apply wood glue to skis.
  18. Make sure binding screws are right length
  19. Mount heel piece. Make sure binding pieces are attached (no dimples allowed!)
  20. Hand tighten screws on heal
  21. Attach main binding component and tighten
  22. Repeat steps 17-19 on second ski
  23. Check work
  24. Adjust heel binding so flush
  25. Adjust toe height so tight but not ripping paper
  26. Adjust DIN for skier weight, height, type, age
  27. Repeat steps 22-24 on second ski
  28. Apply Neptune stickers
  29. Attach work copy to ski, put in outgoing skis if done, move to wax/tune area if more needs to be done.

2 Replies to “Ski tech day one”

  1. Boy, I sure plan to. Fortunately we get three days off a week, plus work does not start till 10 am. Lots of time for dawn patrol sessions.
    Thanks for reading!


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