A quiet world lies below; a single tent nestled in a dense grove of trees.

One girl sits in the contented solitude on a rock overlooking the landscape, arms wrapped tightly around long john – clad legs.

Her gaze absorbs the stark sight of sheer mountains standing like cutouts against the slowly lightening sky.

The huge majestics cascade haphazardly into a deep mountain lake, still and perfectly smooth as an unmarred surface of a mirror.

A golden globe suddenly bursts over the mountain tops, shards of brilliant sunbeams shattering across the earth below.

Little slivers of brightest gold dance across the surface of the lake; a silent orchestra playing.

A lone sunbeam gradually creeps up to the rock upon which the girl sites, finally surrounding and wrapping her in a warm light.

Gently a smile glows upon her face, joyful at the glorious sight before her.

The lake is deep, its colors of darkest blue and green foretelling of the frigid waters it holds.

Little movement in the icy depths tells a long forgotten tale of monumentus giant boulders, left behind by a glacier long ago, hidden beneath the lake’s icy depths.

The cracked shards of sun reflecting on the surface cannot penetrate across to warm the lake, an invisible shield protecting it from warmth.

– Words by Elaine Alta Vardamis, Photo by Daniel Christopher

One Reply to “Sunrise”

  1. Good morning, Daniel Christopher and Elaine Alta. Thanks for sending me to that beautiful, serene place. Have a great day.


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