Demo Day

One of the more fun paid days of my life. It was a demo day up at Loveland, and we were charged with testing skis sold at Neptune so we can understand them better. Fantastic time. Skied the Volkls, K2's and Dynafits while Elaine dabbed at the Icelantic tent, testing out pretty much every ski in their line. Some highlights:

Volkl Amaruq: The wolf ski. One of the most nimble skis I have ever been on in my life. Lays trenches down in the snow, snappy, fun. I skied the legendary Volkl Nanuq and Mantra too, but I have to say the Amaruq was the top offering from Volkl in my book. Light, fast…a fantastic ski for somebody who knows that 90 cm under foot is plenty for the backcountry, or spring couloirs. It's like a lightweight sword designed for hand-to-hand combat.

Dynafit Stoke: Skied the Stoke and the Manaslu from these folks. While the Manaslu is an amazingly light and versatile ski (and yes it carves just fine in the resort and on ice, if you care) the Stoke simply wowed. You have to ski it aggressively, but once you find the sweet spot it rails. Elaine commented the trenches laid down were 5-6 inches deep. And to think it's a powder ski and we didn't ski one ounce of powder. Amazing ski, slightly rockered tip. And light. And wonderful. It could potentially be a quivver of one ski as well for the BC skier who makes the slightly more than occassional trip to the resort.

SkiLogic Bomb Squad: From the maker of the former Scotty Bobs, SkiLogics are big, phat, rockered, fast and fun. This baby is 125 under foot and 188 cm long. Skiing it was like…vrooom. It makes the mountain seem small, and skiing it is like being on a railroad train on a runaway strip. It rails in the hardpack but you have to be patient and let it come around.  I imagine this ski, in a sidecountry setting, would rip. And it's just grin inducing fun. The graphics are all wood carved and tribal and cool. One of the funnier moments of the day was looking over and seeing Elaine, all 5'6" and 120 pounds of her, ripping along side me on the 185 cm SkiLogic Bombadier. To think she was nervous two weeks ago about 163 cm ski. We're starting to buy into this big, long ski thing. As we told the guy at the booth…"we'll take two pairs and move up to Jackson Hole next week!" Maybe not the best tool for LaBelle at Eldora, but the goal of the season is not to ski LaBelle at Eldora.

Bottom line. Skiing is good. Skiing is fun.

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