Powder Boom

We had planned on going backcountry, but when it's a Tuesday, you have off, and a foot of snow is registered at the mountain…well, you have to take advantage of that. Woke up early and did a quick Ski Trab uphill//dog running session at the training hill. Twenty minutes to the top versus 24 on the phat skis…they are light!

Today was one of the best days skiing I've ever had at a resort. It was, as I told Elaine, on a chairlift ride, "what I envisioned Colorado skiing like when I moved here." You know it's going to be a good one when you walk up to the area and hear a massive "BOOM" in the background. Avalanche blasting. Loveland featured great, light powder but more significantly stunning mountains. Chair 8, where we spent the majority of the day, is surrounded by a huge arena of mountains that are the Continental Divide. The light, the majesty of the location is stunning. Above are ridgelines that becon hiking and dropping in. There are few trees, which allows the skier to go basically anywhere.

My wife and I are starting to find our groove on the hill. The first day was a muscle sapping fest…today, 15,000 vertical in deep powder. Getting stronger, starting to charge things, confidence in the trees, on the steeps. It's a good feeling. As we rode the lift we heard the distant booming of the avalanche guns. Elaine told me…"that's something I could see myself doing. Blasting into avalanches." Hell yeah.



A little public announcement for an upcoming event. Chris Davenport is coming down to Neptune Thursday night to talk about backcountry skiing and sign his new book about ski mountaineering and his various projects. I'm personally stoked for this one…I asked to work the late shift for it a month ago and can't wait. Chris' projects are certainly motivating and to the criticism he gets that he markets himself too much…well, he's making a living skiing only and others are trying to supplement their skiing with other jobs. That doesn't make him a sell out…that makes him smart.

Should be a sweet event…plan on being there!

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