Break trail

The early bird catches the worm, and the early bird also gets to break trail for everybody else through a foot and a half of fresh. So it is. Headed up to the old ghost town yesterday in the dark amid a swirling, "Shining-esque" snow storm. Zero tracks on the road, and even the truck was unable to make it all the way up to the very top. No matter. Tossed on the skins, and headed up road, and then broke trail for everybody else. It's good, I like the workout. Was contemplating setting a vertical wall straight up the face, just to mess with folks, but in the end settled for a track with a number of switchbacks. This was out of necessity, as my heart was about to explode out of my chest with the vertical wall through a foot and a half of fresh theory. Headed up to an aesthetic point, and then pointed them down on the most blatant run in the area, to hopefully leave folks cursing a bit.

Later this morning, off to Loveland to ski the divide for day 27, and then possibly, if things clear out, day 28 will be a nighttime backcountry skin/ski with Elaine under the amber moon of the solstice/eclipse event tomorrow night.

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