Over it

As some readers may know, there was a lot of drama in my personal world the past couple years. And while I've tried to keep it private – because honestly that's where it belongs – sometimes snippets creep out here. I was struggling with it, and this seemed like a good place to vent at times. In retrospect, I wish I had maintained complete public radio silence on this issue. Live and learn.

There has been a feeling of content the past month though. All those first year anniversaries are done, and now it seems like my wife and I can just go about the business of living. This is life, and love it or hate it, it's not changing. Happiness – true happiness – is mine for the first time ever. I suppose if some can't accept that, they were not really friends to begin with.

It's done. 2011 is around the corner. A ski day tomorrow. Christmas presents, honeymoon planning, etc. Life is in front of your face, here, now and everything else is fading to silence.

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