Boulder’s snow policy

Read this article in Boulder Camera this morning:

Apparently, if you don't shovel your walk, you get a ticket. I suppose I have been living in the woods in Nederland for a long time, but this strikes me as quite heavy handed. We live in the Rocky Mountains for crissake. Some people like snow. Maybe I don't want to shovel it.

I went to Norway a few years back. I was impressed by how well the people adapted to snow instead of fighting it. The "plows" left a layer of snow on top of the road so people could ski or snowmobile around. Here, they plow the whole thing, only it leaves a layer of black ice that makes it crappy for driving, walking, skiing….everything.

Kids in Norway would take advantage of snowy sidewalks by going to school with push sleds. Here is the view in front of a school:


Granted, the sun is lower in Norway and there is less melting. But the "fight snow at all costs and don't adapt" attitude found in America is silly. Snow can be fun…we should encourage people to adapt it into their daily lifestyle, similar to how bike commuting has been encouraged in the general population.

Blend with the snow, don't fight it Boulder.

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