Happens just about every year. The winter cold has hit. This one came on abruptly, right after Monday's ski. A harsh cough and a tightness in the chest. By Tuesday, it had progressed to a full on cold, and now on Wednesday morning, it's about the same. Part of the game though. In the past, it would crush me, I'd try to train through it, all sorts of guilty feelings. Now…whatever. A handful of days off skis won't kill me, and I always find my stoke is higher when I'm back to normal. Work is a bigger stress, as I can't really afford to take days off, but that's life. Stress is the worst…it makes these things last forever. It's kind of nice, taking care of yourself, really pampering yourself with soup and tea and juice and all that stuff. Elaine is sick too, and there is nobody on earth I'd rather be sick with! So here's to being sick, and relaxing for a little bit.

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