Getting married tomorrow

I suppose tonight I'm supposed to be out with the guys at some bachelor party, and she's supposed to be at a bachlorette party. But we don't roll that way. Instead I got off work and we wandered town in bliss. Together. No strippers or any of that other bullshit. Starting it off right. Getting married. Tomorrow. High noon. 12,050 feet above sea level. Stoked!

P.S. – yes mom and dad I need a haircut. But Elaine likes it long. Dilemna, no?









One Reply to “Getting married tomorrow”

  1. No dilemma. Bible says when a man marries he “shall leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife” (Genesis 2:24). In other word, listen to your wife first of all. Same goes in reverse, of course. This is one of the key secrets of a good marriage. Not that a mom (or a dad) doesn’t have the right to nag, now and then. All the luck in the world to you both.


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