Thursday Devil’s Thumb Ski

Got out today on the skinny skis with Elaine. Checked out the Ned high school race…awesome seeing the kids in their last race as senior. First one I've been to since 2008 State Championships where I was coaching and we came in 3rd. It was awesome seeing the kids and introducing them to Elaine. Even more fun was skiing with Elaine and Stella around the trails afterwards, as a light snow fell. A good day indeed.


Elaine's first day classic skiing at Devil's Thumb.


A fresh coating of 4-5 inches.


Pretty good technique for day six ever.


Stella follows like a magnet.


My two girls.


Made the most of horrendous roads by stopping, waiting for the chaos to clear, and enjoying a delicious pizza at Hernando's in Winter Park.


Elaine contempating deeper questions like pepperoni or sausage.


Moon through the clouds on the top of Berthoud Pass.

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