Magic Gothic

Forest fires, 65° temperatures and melting snow. Good God, what's this world coming too. I understand spring is coming, but it's the middle of March for crissake, not the middle of June. Went for a ski/skin today and felt WORKED. It was a long, good four days in C.B., evidenced by the extreme fatigued feeling. Back when I was doing the Revenge, I used to go to the Butte to get fit, and would have that same feeling. Tired, but good.

Look back 36 hours. A mellow ski up past Snodgrass, to the villa of Gothic. If you could give me one place to live in the U.S.A., give me a small cabin in Gothic. That would be perfection. It was cool showing Elaine this place. It is, in a word, magical. And as we sat there, in splendid solitude, watching but more listening to the avalanches roll down Gothic Mountain – sheer, intimidating and stunningly beautiful – I realized life has moments of perfection, and this was one. It seems a long way from Libya and Michigan and Tsunamis in Japan, and for that I feel a lot privileged. Maybe we're isolated, but in this world of madness, a little perspective of a beautiful mountain with the forces of nature erupting is exactly what is needed.







2 Replies to “Magic Gothic”

  1. You can rent the huts in Gothic for cheap. Great winter ski terrain, and springtime, you got Gothic East face right above you. You can care-take there for winter…live for free. Know two folks doing it this year. You guys would be perfect. Be a great winter to write a book or do some art.


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