Decided to embark on a little side-country excursion today – Lost Lake headwall outside Eldora. It's always a fun little loop to break up the day. First day ever for me skinning on Fritschi bindings. It's true, they are a bit heavy, and will never be my B.C. go-to binding of choice, but the truth is they weren't too bad. We joked today that maybe next year we'll just tour on super heavy gear to get strong. Hmmm…then again, maybe not!


Cool new feature since I was up here last…a BCA beacon check station. BCA is, in my opinion, the best backcountry company – core crew, cool people and awesome products.


After a very short skin, we traversed by foot across a windblown ridge.


Scoped out conditions, and they were solid to go. Elaine gets her powder groove on.


Working it down the spine of sun and shadow, pigtails flying.


Down to the lake. Not first tracks, but good enough.


How could you not grin after that?

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