And with spring…

…comes new opportunities. Working at Neptune, it's tough to avoid the climbing bug. So when 75-year old bad ass Mike Michaels invited Elaine and I on a climbing day at Eldo, well, I won't say I exactly leaped at the chance, but in retrospect, it was awesome. Once a week we'll go up, learn, and then do it on our own. I'll have a story on Mike soon – there are characters in this world, and then there is Mr. Michaels! A few pictures from day one.


My lovely wife belays the first pitch.


Elaine fights the butterflies and gets up on the rock.


This was both of our first experience trad climbing. Trad climbing involves setting your own protection, a ton of gear and not using artifical bolts. Here's Elaine clipping in.


Smiling. Why not…it's sunny, I'm with my sweetie and a friend, and we're learning something new.


Elaine on her first rappel of her life. I had a little experience advantage on her here – I've done it like three times. Nothing like backing off a cliff to get the adrenaline going. In the end, no problem!


Elaine is 20. Mike is 75. I'm in the middle. I love the people who squawk about age differences and all that…they miss the bigger picture. It's about human beings who relate. On the rock, or on the snow, or the trail or the woods – or for that matter wherever you choose – age matters not. Good people relating and living with passion does.


This photo is for the critics. I can hear it now…"she's only 20, he's a terrible influence, she's drinking a beer." To which I say – if you can't fathom enjoying a PBR on a 70 degree day next to a raging river after a sweet day of climbing – well, me thinkest you need to get a life!

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