Woods to summit

Wonderful mountain bike ride tonight.  Something…for Elaine…just clicked. I don't know – a newfound confidence on the bike or just getting after it, but she was rocking the ups AND downs. The Yeti looked fast indeed! We stumbled across of herd of moose, and spent the waning hour of the day watching this family of four trudge along the edges of the lake and listening to the frogs creaking into the springtime air. It was very north-woodsey, and a good reminder that all things summer do not stink. Not even close.

Tomorrow it's up early to climb a nearby 13,000 foot peak and ski down it. My first one of these for the season, Elaine's first of her life. We'll be doing some crampon and ice axe training beforehand, because without this these things are more weapons than anything else. She'll be absolutely fine on the descent…she skis very well…and with a little practice I'm sure will rock the snow climb.

I absolutely love spring skiing season. There is something about climbing a peak, and skiing off the side of it, as the highest mountains in the state surround you, that is incomparable to anything else I've ever done. In some ways winter is the training ground for May and June, when the mountains are bigger and the rewards (and necessity for humilty) higher. I've skied 129 days this year, and I think at some point in time during all those skis I have dreamed of the up and down of the next two months. The playground is bigger now, and the canvas for expression creativity on two slats more expansive. It's humbing and enpowering at the same time.

Lately we've just been skiing and riding and working. Winter has transitioned into spring, but even this morning, the local hill was completely covered and outstanding. Here's a few photos of the last few…hope the world is excellent for everybody this evening!


Spent the last day of the resort season skiing with Elaine and her sister Alyss. Fun day full of slushy bumps the final few lift served turns of 2010-11.


There's the pretty girl. Sunset rides in the hood are delectable.


Stella has been hot lately, but happy too!


A shot from today, May 8, about 35 minutes from my doorstep (drivetime and skin time included). Spring here isn't like spring in other places!.


Skiing yay! That about says it all, no?

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  1. Hey man, spacecowgirl and I stopped by Neptunes yesterday afternoon. On the way in we commented about the “Skiing, Yay!” graffiti on your truck window.
    You looked busy so we did not interrupt. Bought a couple of books (about Rawah and Lost Creek Wilderness areas) and a Therma-a-Rest pad for camping.


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