Soggy, fun ski!

Today, it was a very fun, soggy ski in the neighborhood. Tomorrow, they are saying a foot plus of powder. Which makes planning the day easy. We had planned on being in a tent right now under a peak, planning on skiing it tomorrow. The fact that it's dumping snow right now, we're at home, a fire is crackling and we're packed up for a ski tomorrow more akin with February than May 19 has me very, very happy. Enjoy it, and get out in it. The weather is what adds spice to the experience!


It's May 18, and a little dirt skinning never hurt anybody.


The battle between winter and spring continues. Buds mixed with sleet.


As we climbed, the rain turned to snow. Elaine's first day with ski crampons. She's a fan…they turn any pair of skins into tanks.


It's wet and rainy and we're giddy stoked!


My wife drops into prayer flag chutes.


Not bad for a backyard ski on May 18.


Love the raindrop on the lens…kind of epitomizes the passion that has been felt during this 2010-11 ski season.


Came home tonight, and it's dumping out! A little art in front of the post office. Tomorrow, up to the divide to enjoy all the new powder. It's just what we do.

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