One last powder day (?)

There won't be many more – if any – of these days left this year. But that's ok, because there were about twenty or thirty turns, that will carry me through the entire long summer. They were that good – they were engrained. They were not skiing, they were flying. And when we were skinning into a fierce 7 am wind, and then making turns down through fluffy snow – it was not May, but December. 


Skinning up near timberline, the face frozen but the smile engrained.

Deep and wintery. Photo by Adam Sklar.


These were some of the very best turns of the season. Photo by Sam Atkins.

Stella has not gotten enough credit for the season. I would argue she is the best ski dog in the entire 80466. Stella, you are an amazing ski partner. Don't worry buddy, next winter we'll do it again, and there will be lots of adventures this summer! Photo by Sam Atkins.

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