Moose, coons and melting creeks

41° and clear this morning. Walked out the door for a ski and was greeted by a moose cow lingering by the forest edge. Gave me a look and lazily sauntered off. We've been seeing a lot of moose this spring, which is a far cry from when I first moved to Nederland, and then Eldora, when we'd barely see any. In fact, I'd say I've seen more moose than elk or even deer.

Headed up to the old mining town for a quick ski before work. This time of year the snow is firm but undulating down below, so I leave my hiking shoes on and walk it to the base of the slope. Then, it's on with the boots, skis and ski crampons and a huff up to 11,000 feet or so. I'm really enjoying the walks before the ski – I find I really see a lot, be it the budding aspens or the changes in snowline. The creek is melted out on the main trail, so it's required to wander up and down the creek shore to find a snow bridge worthy of crossing. I may have to drag a plank up here soon as there is still lots of skiing to be had.

Pretty good snow today for June 12. A little sun-cupped for my liking, but soft and fun. Not a badway to start the day before an eight-hour work day. Number 146 – closing in on 150.

We've got a little rascal in the neighborhood lately. Meet the racoon (photo'd below). He's a cute little guy, but he sure does like to raise hell on the feeders and flower pots. The squirrels chastise him every morning, as do the ravens, but he takes it in stride. Just so long as he doesn't pounce onto us from a tree-top at midnight while we're walking outside. That would be terrifying!


One Reply to “Moose, coons and melting creeks”

  1. I really didn’t like it when he thought it’d be cool to pee on our caboose…I was not too badly upset at him until then, and that just made me angry. Walking outside in the morning, only to look up and see him with his smirking face, peeing on our caboose… *shakes head*
    Love you sweetie!


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