June Images

It's been a nice week of skiing, riding and general lolly-gagging as we enjoy the last few weeks of the off-season. Three days a week in the weight room starts in July where squats and lunges and core work and all sorts of fun starts in preparation for winter 2011-12. And longer bike rides with more climbs. And backpacking, and some skis in the peaks. I guess the on-season isn't too bad. We've been feeling a little lazy the last week though, and are enjoying it with some smaller adventures where we catch the little changes in spring. Here are a few images…

A dusting of snow greeted us today for our morning ski. I love this mountain when it's like this.

Out for a lazy ski at the local hill with my family. Pre-dawn start for a spring ski? Not today…try 9 am!

My two girls playing in the snow. Yay we live here!


The last snow bridge crossing the creek melted out yesterday. Fortunately the wood nymphs constructed a little plank that keeps the fun going!

Back down low, saw the first Indian Paintbrush of the season.

I like the bug hidden in this one. Nature is rad.

The new pine sprouts take flight.

Not everything survived the winter. This aspen tree was a victim, but there are tale-tell signs that this was the work of humans.

Nature at work.

The moose have been very prevelant this spring.

Bikes and skis are great, but when I want to spend quality time with people I care about, and really immerse into the world around us, I walk.

Enjoying the local loop with m'love.

Up higher, the ice still holds tough in the early mornings.

What does a winter person do in the summer. Go up. We're getting into tundra season, when Elaine and I use our successive days off to don the mega-mid, the packs and some Backpacker's Pantry dinners and head into the cooler high country. There upcoming overnight trips are definitely a highlight for us both.

Three days till the solstice. And then, the long trend where the earth tilts back towards winter and the snows eventually come again. Enjoy it wherever you may be!

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