solo time, art

The last day of July tomorrow. It has been an interesting month. My #1 partner has been a under the weather lately, so there have been a lot of solo missions in the hills. Morning stuff skiing, biking and today, a run. Up the hill I skin a ton in the winter. Managed to go non-stop, and felt really good. I'm not sure I've ever been able to do that before. I was pretty happy up top, and it's nice to get ready for ski season. Tomorrow morning, I think I'll toss in some lunges and such at the field afterwards. Winter is getting close.

Truth is though, I've changed. One might think the opportunity to go out on my own, wherever I want, as hard as I want would be a nice change. It's not. Fact is, Elaine is ridiculously strong in the mountains, if she slows me down at all it's unnoticable and unimportant, and I miss her out there. Stella and I miss her. The mountains are a little prettier, the air a little cleaner, the adventure a little purer when she is along. I'm thrilled that she is nearly off the disabled list! It's backpacking season and it's time to get our little tribe back in the hills together.

In her time off, Elaine has been getting back into drawing. A little bit of her work. The eagle and the wolf. The symbol is the Vegvisir, and Icelantic emblem that is the compass – basically, this symbol prevents the bearer from getting lost in a storm. Both literally and figuratively. We've both weathered a few of those the past couple years. The runic wording means, "kiss me, my love."



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