Back at it: Up to Chasm Lake, RMNP

Elaine has been feeling less than ideal for the past month, but she's well now.  Celebrated with a nice jaunt up to Chasm Lake. Awesome to have my best friend back to hike with. As an aside, today was the first day of school. This is just a wee bit better. This one is dedicated to the haters at NHS.


Heading up Longs Peak, with the Diamond in the background.

Peacock Lake. Beautiful up here.


Man, I missed hiking with this girl for the past month. She was worried she'd lost fitness, but she was hammering as fast as ever. There are perks to being 21!

It was so lush up here…the moss felt like the Pacific Northwest.


She's back!


Elaine checking out the Diamond. Our hike up here is nothing impressive, but this is: one of my co-workers hiked up to the top of this via the cable route about a month ago, and base jumped off the top of the Diamond to this lake. And then, got a tattoo. All before 2 pm. It doesn't get much more bad ass. The people at Neptune Mountaineering inspire me.

Classic climb. I must say, if I ever develop the skills, this could be something really cool to do.

We got a late start, but squeezed out of timberline before the lightning started.

Longs getting darker, wetter, and colder.

By the time we hit the forest, there was a nice soft rain. Perfect weather in our book.

Happiness. True happiness must be shared.

Flowers looking vibrant under overcast skies.

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