Denali Panorama’s

The land is huge and it's hard to capture on film. Hopefully these panoramas help. You can click on each photo to make it bigger.


Mountains looking north from Sled Dog HQ.


Alaska Range from camp 1 up Glacier Creek.

Distant AK range from camp 1.

Mount Mather on left, Mt. McKinley on right. McKinley is actually a double summit. The peak on the far right is the North Summit, which is 19,000 some-odd feet tall. The higher peak is the South Peak, which looks more rounded, but is 20,230 feet tall. Highest point on the North American continent. I would be interested in skiing this mountain someday.

Pano4Camp three.

Evening light warming up at Camp 3.

Light going off on camp three.


More camp three splendor.

Elaine leads the way up no-name pass as Scott Peak rages above. The crazy thing is that mountain is barely 8,000 feet tall. Hard to imagine how burly it must be at 20,000.

Alaska range from heart of no-name glacier.

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