The first snow

As contrary as it may seem coming from an avid skier, the first snow of the year is not for skiing. The first snow is for getting up early, looking out the window, and like a kid on Chistmas morning exclaim, "It snowed!" And then, bundle up and go for a walk in the still-white wonderland with your sweetie. Cause those moments, even more than the drop-in off the gnarliest peak, are what will stick with us.

Happy first snow everybody.


Mud Lake sits still on the dawn of the first snow.


The last aspen leaves linger in yellow as winter socks in the high peaks.


Snow coats a pine tree.


The aspens glow is fleeting.


Elaine has been wandering these woods to this spot since she was three years old. The more things change the more they stay the same.


The first snowfall of the year with the best wife in the world = perfection. Reality kicks butt.

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