Laugh at adversity

I have never had workouts as hard as the ones I've had the past week at the ATC. Obviously long bike or ski races might be more taxing, but that's different. This is just a beat-down, every single time. Three times a week, and it feels like a pressure cooker before every single one. Everything is so foreign, I'm always sore, I'm one of the weakest ones in the group, and I know I'm going to suffer. But you know what? I love it. I like figuring it out, figuring out how to get better. Today I made a mantra to keep having fun no matter what. I think last week I was almost overwhelmed by how much it hurt – psyched out if you will – and that made it even harder. A different approach today helped.  I did better.  Just have fun and laugh at the adversity. I think that, more than anything else, is the lesson from sports that can be transferred over to real life.

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress in two months time.


Elaine just had a nice analogy. She's building the fire tonight. She noticed how fire can be so powerful and destructive, yet when it's in it's formation stage it's exceptionally fragile. You have to coddle it and care for it. Much like life. In the beginning, things are fragile, be it with a kid, or a business or a love interest. But if you care for it enough, you can create something that can set the world ablaze.

2 Replies to “Laugh at adversity”

  1. Nice. Sounds like you’re really getting worked. Seems like the kind of beat down my wife and I get doing Crossfit. Something about the suffering, not only does it seem to get you in the best shape of your life, it has a way of making any other activities obstacles seem like nothing. If you are doing movements that are similar to those we do at Crossfit, you can check out my wifes site ( it’s kinda centered on women and crossfit but I have to admit that I’ve learned a lot from it too. Also, check out the FAQ’s and exercise demos on the main site. Might help you get a step ahead of your torturers.
    Good Luck


  2. uhhh…yeah – i tried crossfit and ATC is way harder and more functional than crossfit. plus no ‘short-bus’ pull ups and no *push* to be in the crossfit olympics. just hard work focused on getting you ready for your outdoor hobby of choice.


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