Day 33: Maiden voyage for Nansen

I have to say my job at Neptune is perhaps the best job I've ever had. I get to talk about skis and adventure all day, and get to work with my wife. What's there not to like. Long after my tenure at Neptune is over, I will treasure something Elaine and I got the recently – a couple pairs of Asnes Nansen backcountry cross country skis. We have a lot of skis to be sure, and they are all fun in their own way. Perhaps someday I'll talk about my quivver. But for now the focus is on the Nansens.

The Nansen's are made in Norway and feature the graphic of Fritjof Nansen, a great polar explorer, skiers, ship builder and peace maker. They simply scream adventure. Yesterday Elaine and I planned on just skiing the Brainard Lake trails, but the skis drew us further into the mountains, to the point where we debated going all the way to Blue Lake. We didn't have any food though, so we only went to Mitchell Lake. Still, it was an incredible day. Next time, we're bringing a thermos of tomato soup and bread and will go all the way to Blue.

Perfect skis. Thin enough with a nice camber for kick and glide, wide enough at the tip to break trail and inspiring enough – Mr. Nansen stares up at you all day long – to make you go a little further into the mountains and see new things. Paired with old school leather boots and three-pin bindings and they make perhaps the perfect ski set-up. May they bring us two or three decades of adventures together.

Thank you Neptune Mountaineering, the best ski shop in the world!






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