Day 52: Quit whining and go ski!

Computer screen broke on the 26th. Took it to a repair shop, got it back today…relatively inexpensive thanks to a used screen. In the interim reading, eating and skiing. In what is supposed to be a horrible early snow year…well, the skiing sure has been fun. A little of this, a little of that. Some steep north facing slopes in the trees to keep the skills intact. A day sliding around on Lambeau Field, aka Eldora. And a bunch of night skis on the Nansens up at Brainard. Beyond fun, primal…incredible.

Back in Vermont, we'd call these conditions powder. We'd ski in garbage bags in the rain, -25° ice in January, anything, all the time. Because it was fun. Today was like being 15 again. Ducking through tiny slots in the trees, pine boughs stuck in the hair, hopping tree stumps. It's fun, and part of the fun is the silliness of it all. Remember when we were kids? We'd ski in this stuff and grin the whole time. Let that kid come out!

The snow will come. Best to not go soft waiting for it to arrive.



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