Day 74: The storm strikes

We’ve gotten a bit of snow here in the 80466. 30-some-odd inches to be exact. Fantastic skiing. The first day was a bit tricky, as snow was collapsing everywhere, so I skinned up and actually turned back on my intended goal for turns. All the better, as the next day I skied the line with Elaine. I was the best turns of the year, and for Elaine…she described it as “Alta quality.”

On a bit of a roll with skiing right now. 14 straight days. Some variety in there…11 days of backcountry, a couple full resort days (including my first ski at Vail since about 1998) and teaching Elaine to skate ski one day.

The pull of 100 days is strong right now, and I hope to eclipse it in very early March. Then it’s onto the second half of the season, the attempt at 200 days. The recent snow helps a bunch, as this goal is a bit snow dependent. Basically, it’s a skiing rampage from now until July 4. The cool thing is, the more I ski, the more I see, and the more fun I have. Maybe it’s an endorphin addiction, or maybe just an addiction to living well.

Motivation high, health solid. Back at it tomorrow. Here’s some quick video from the recent storm:


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