Day 84: Above the clouds

It was another great day in the hills. One of my favorite things to do is top out on a mountain on one of the inversion days, where the clouds are lingering in the valleys, and feel like you are above everything. Today was one such day. We made a bit of a wrong turn and had to bushwhack through forest for some time to get to the desired destination, but when we did, it didn't dissapoint. First tracks and perfect deep powder.

This winter is turning into my best yet. Elaine is strong now, and since we signed up for the Elk Mountain Traverse, our motivation to get out is high. And now, the storm systems have lined up, dropping perfect snow on the mountains. It is mid-season, and it is exceptional. It's difficult to go anywhere and not find nice powder to ski.

We will not be in this area forever, as there are bigger mountains and last frontiers to explore, as well as our own lives and family to carve out. But for now, and the near future, these hills surrounding the little hamlet of Nederland, Colorado are perfect.








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