Day 117: Skate skiing in wait

March has been a dud. Spring-like, warm…too soon. Our base is still surviving, but it needs to change soon. I'm hoping April will be the snowiest one yet. There is powder still to be skied.

One of the positives of this month has been really teaching Elaine skate skiing. She's getting good. Today up 17th, Twin Twisted, around Phoebe, around Meadows, back up Twin Twisted to the turn for Woodcutter – non-stop. All in a strong V1 and V2 alternate. Had Elaine not had all the shit hit the fan back in 2007, she would have been a star on the team. Her and Mike Vigers are the two most natural skate skiers I've even had the pleasure to ski with. She's not the most experienced or the best, for experience begets skill, but the most natural in terms of balance, quick learning, lung capacity and stength to weight. That's not bragging, that's just what I see. I kind of want to coax her into a race next winter, because I think she'd do well. We'll see.

So for now, we skate ski in wait, until winter decides to come back with a final hurrah.

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