Reading is cool

Great birthday today. Was planning on going for a ski, but Elaine's feet are still hurting from the Elk, so instead we rode bikes in the forest. Wonderful time…lots of spring smells out there. A nice dinner at Neo's this evening and some quality reading time capped off a great day.

One of the coolest things about the past month or so has been re-discovering reading. I got a Kindle about two months ago and I love it. You can preview books of interest easily, and you can find books on topics you like by lesser known authors. I've read five books in the past two months, which is more than I've read in the past decade. It's awesome. It enhances evening conversations with my wife (she just got one too so we can share books), brings new perspectives into my world and encourages new dreams and ideas.

Currently reading a book called "Becoming Odyssa" by the author Jennifer Phar Davis, who is the current record holder for the fastest hike ever on the Appalachian Trail. As Elaine and I have our own thru-hike planned for this summer (more on that soon…let's just say we'll be taking advantage of the $2 per night bonus Neptune gives for spending evenings in the backcountry), it's highly inspiring.

Been a good month thus far. Kind of our off-season, as we're also planning on doing the Cosmic A.T. series next year. It will be fun preparing for that as the summer progresses, but for now, it's just about enjoying the woods and each other and learning new things.

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