Up South Arapaho

South Arapahoe Peak is an iconic mountain in these parts. It's arguably the most easy to access major peak near Nederland, and offers a little bit of everything. The trail up is technically benign but stellar on views, while the final push offers a fun scramble to the 13,397 foot tall summit. It's one of my favorite "standard" outdoor activities in the area and it was our first summit of the summer.

Elaine heading up the final part of the trail to the summit pyramid.

Our family on the top of the mountain.

This compass on top shows where the big peaks in the region are.

Elaine likes mountains.

Heading back down. The Arapaho Pass trail cuts up the saddle in the middle. This is an extemely popular hike. We really do live in a mecca for hiking and backpacking.

Wildflower season is starting a little early this year. These are my first "Forget-Me-Nots" of the year. They're tiny flowers – no bigger than the size of half a pinky fingernail – that hug the tundra. They're vibrancy and ability to live up here makes them my favorite flower.

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