Fashion Show Success!

Last night was the Neptune Mountaineering Fashion Show that Elaine organized so it was a late night getting the place pulled-down. Managed to get up to Eldora – we're still waiting for real snow – for ten runs of practice in the afternoon while Elaine stayed home and finished her 50,000 word Nanowrimo Novel. Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month where participants write 50,000 words in a month. Elaine has completed it six years in a row which is incredibly impressive. She's glad to have it done though, as it was a tough go as she was also coordinating a rather elaborate fashion show. We're both looking forward to simpler times of simply working the ski sales area and skiing lots and lots! Still, last night was a great time and a good experience overall. Here are some photos of the event:

The runway all set-up before the event.

The event was a fundraiser for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. A pastry store next to our shop made this for the event. I like how it's a Burton rider who triggered the slide!

Here's our co-worker Danielle who helped coordinate the event with Elaine.

A couple evening attendees posing in front of the Neptune ski rack. Hopefully it will snow so we can sell of those bad boys!

Shop owner Gary Neptune looking dapper on the runway. Gary walked the runway last, pulling a BCA Float airbag. I have to find a photo of that!

We made an exception to our "no-dogs-in-store" policy for these two characters!

This is our general manager James Fulton who looks ready to shoot down the Red Baron.

Elaine's sister Alyss showed up, so we set her up with a retro ski costume and put her work. Thanks Alyss!

None other than the event director Elaine herself, looking very 70's-like with the side pony tail. Elaine learned that directing an event is a lot of work – she actually didn't get to see any of it because she was scrambling around getting the models ready. She did an incredible job and I'm beyond proud to call her my wife.

Stephen is a co-worker and friend of ours, who is evidently considering a career change to ski patrol. Not bad for a kid from Kansas.

Your's truly. I was the M.C. for the evening and had to look the part. Funny thing is that vest – a Decent – was something I actually owned and skied in pride with back in Vermont. Hat backwards with goggles was standard wear back then too!

The event was a fundraiser for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Through a silent auction and drawing we raised $2,000 for the group.

CAMP gear makes some amazing Italian lightweight Alpine Touring gear that Elaine and I are salivating over for the race circuit this season. Here are a couple of their representatives who attended the show.

Still working on wrangling up photos from the actual show, but here's one, of Neptune staffer Ellie walking the runway.

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